Creams And Ointments

One of the first things that we reach for when trying to help our children to fight the poison ivy rash are one of the many creams and ointments that we get at the drugstore. The question is which one works the best. There are so many that it can often take us twenty minutes to read what each one does and even then we may not be able to tell why they are so different.

Calamine Lotion

One of the most effective and most affordable creams that you can purchase is calamine lotion. This product helps to soothe the itching that the rash can cause and to protect it from infection. It is commonly used when treating poison ivy because of how fast it works and how effective it is.

Hydrocortisone Cream

Most people will use this because it is what our mothers would use on us all the time when something happened to us. Although hydrocortisone cream does help to relieve the itching – at least for a short period – it is not effective at getting rid of the rash. In order to do this it needs to dry the skin out – but it is unable to do this at the rate that we need it to.

Brand Name Creams

There are many other brand name creams on the market that claim to cure the poison ivy rash. It is true that these products might help to relieve some of the symptoms and might even help to heal it – but they are quite expensive. The best quick fix you can get for an affordable price is calamine lotion.

Prescribed Lotions

Some people are more allergic to poison ivy and will have a more sever reaction to it. When this happens they cannot simply use a cream that is over the counter. They need to see their doctor right away and allow them to get a strong enough cream that will take care of it as quickly as possible.