Poison Ivy Treatment

While in school children have a difficult time trying to play outside because they are in school all morning and doing their homework most of the night. But the moment summer rolls around and school is out they relish in the fresh air. Though it might be scorching hot that doesn’t keep them from going out and exploring new places and finding new creatures.

This is great for them – but sometimes they get a little more then they bargained for. One of the most annoying plants that can affect children the most is the poison ivy plant. We all remember this plant from when we were little and how every year (no matter how hard we tried) we would find ourselves stuck in the house trying to heal the rash that it caused.

Poison Ivy Rash

Most people believe that a simple touch of the poison ivy plant is able to cause the red and itching rash that can spread all over our skin. It is in fact the urushiol that is inside of the plant that causes it. The urushiol is a white liquid that spills out of the plant when it is broken. When this touches the person’s skin it will irritate it and in the course of a few minutes or a few hours it will cause the rash to break out.

Treating Poison Ivy Rash

The good thing is there are countless ways that you can treat poison ivy and help your children to get through it quickly and easily. You can purchase different poison ivy creams from your local pharmacy that will help to alleviate the itch and health the skin quickly. There are also ways in which you can create your own home remedies made from ingredients that can be found in your home.

While you are here we recommend that you learn how to treat it and how to teach your children to identify it. There are many characteristics of the plant that we do not know about – but can help us to avoid it in the future. Also learn some necessary poison ivy myths that people are often confused by.